6. Setting Up a New Stream
Set up your stream by clicking "NEW STREAM".
Enter a name for the new stream in "General details" box. Select input (RTMP) and output profiles (HSL). Choose one among available resolutions (SD, Full HD and HD) and click on "CREATE STREAM". Internally, this page will make use of REST API: https://console.videocoin.network/api/v1/profiles to obtain the list of available profiles (REST APIs for Profiles).
It will result in creation of a stream with new ID and name provided in the last step. This step uses the VideoCoin Network Console REST API: https://console.videocoin.network/api/v1/streams for the creation of new stream(REST APIs for Stream creation). The JSON response of this API call will contain the RTMP Ingest URL ('rtmp_url' key value), HLS output URL ('output_url' key value) along with stream id.
Make sure you have sufficient VIDs, select and click the stream you want to use. At this point, Console will use REST API: https://console.videocoin.network/api/v1/streams/{id}/run to run the stream. VideoCoin Network Console will query the stream status using REST API: https://console.videocoin.network/api/v1/streams/{id} until the stream status is 'STREAM_STATUS_PREPARED'. Copy the RTMP ingest URL from the next screen. It needs to be used to configure the source of live stream (OBS streaming software or a camera)
The list of stream status values and their description is shared here. https://console.videocoin.network/api/v1/streams/{id} API can be used to poll stream status transitions on VideoCoin network.
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