The VideoCoin Network

What is the VideoCoin Network?

The VideoCoin Network is a decentralized video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet. VideoCoin uses the Blockchain to completely revamp the way users create, store, encode and distribute video content. Our revolutionary blockchain model has three key refinements that makes VideoCoin unique:
  1. 1.
    Eliminated token inflation by capping the lifetime token supply.
  2. 2.
    Reduce friction and spur adoption by removing payment variability. Content providers can pay for services in fiat and workers get paid in fiat.
  3. 3.
    The VID token optimizes network efficiency. VID has advanced functionality as a repetitional staking token.
Watch the VideoCoin Network explainer video to learn more about our revolutionary blockchain model.

What next on the VideoCoin roadmap?

See a timeline of our upcoming releases and "The Road to Everest" milestones at https://www.videocoin.io/roadmap/

How can I stream online video over the VideoCoin Network?

The VideoCoin Network is enabled to stream content today through the VideoCoin Network Console. Create and account and start broadcast videos over the blockchain at https://videocoin.network/

What is “The Road to Everest”?

The Road to Everest is VideoCoin’s comprehensive product release plan that includes the launch of the VideoCoin Network with token utility, product updates, use cases, and new functionality. See the Road to Everest timeline at videocoin.io/roadmap

How does work get distributed throughout the network?

Workers are picked based on their reputation, which is determined by the number of VID staked, length for which it has been staked and the quality of work the Worker does. The process of proof-of-stake is described in the VideoCoin white-paper and the general approach remains the same. Implementation details are subject to change.

Where can I get more technical details about VideoCoin?

For a technical overview on the functionality of the VideoCoin Network, checkout the VideoCoin Whitepaper. If you have more technical questions for us, please ask them on the VideoCoin Technical channel on Telegram.

Token Release

When will pre-sale tokens be released?

Pre-sale tokens will be released at each milestone on the Road to Everest. Learn about token release timeline here https://www.videocoin.io/token/

VID Token

Where can I trade VID?

VID is available on the KuCoin and Beaxy exchanges.

What is the total token supply for VID?

There is a permanent supply of 265 million VID tokens that have already been minted. For a full breakdown of the token supply visit https://www.videocoin.io/token/

How does staking and Worker rewards work on the VideoCoin Network?

A rewards guideline will be published prior to our Everest release.

I'd like to get involved in the VideoCoin Network, where do I start?

If you're interested in staking, fill out the VideoCoin Staker form.
If you're interested in becoming a Worker, fill out the VideoCoin Worker form.
If you're a developer looking to create a DApp on the VideoCoin Network, fill out the VideoCoin Developer form.
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